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The Power of LinkedIn InMail: A Guide for Sales Managers

As a sales manager, InMail provides you instant access to your ideal prospects. You can use it to personalize cold outreach, nurture leads, and accelerate deal velocity.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn InMail for Sales Managers
Increased Response Rates
Cold sales emails often go ignored. InMail messages have open rates exceeding 50% and response rates around 30% since they appear directly in the recipient’s LinkedIn inbox.

Build Warm Relationships with inmail linkedin meaning

InMail fosters relationships with prospects by giving them a chance to engage with personalized messages before ever connecting. This warm, human touch converts better than impersonal cold emails.

Contact Decision Makers
InMail allows you to reach the exact decision makers and influencers you want. You can bypass gatekeepers and broken telephone tag. No need for guessing contact info.

Detailed Analytics
LinkedIn provides data on InMail open and response rates. You can refine outreach approaches based on hard data instead of guesswork.

Increased Team Productivity

The entire sales team can leverage InMail simultaneously without waiting on lead list distribution. This parallel outreach results in more conversations and meetings.

Optimizing InMail for Sales Prospecting
Follow these best practices to boost InMail effectiveness:

Personalize Each Message
Generic InMails are easily discarded. Include specifics on why you’re contacting them and how you can provide value. Demonstrate you understand their role and interests.

Segment and Target Outreach
Research prospects beforehand to group them by criteria like industry, company size, job role. Tailor your messages and CTAs accordingly. Prioritize hot leads.

Keep it Concise
Get to the point quickly and avoid overly broad sales pitch language. Explain the specific ways you can impact their challenges. Respect their time.

Use Subject Lines Strategically

Subject lines that create curiosity or convey tangible value have higher open rates. Ask insightful questions or include examples of your solution’s benefits.

Follow Up Persistently But Politely
If no response, follow up twice over 2-4 weeks. Provide new information with each message. Then politely disengage if lead remains cold.

For sales managers, LinkedIn InMail provides a game-changing channel for direct access to key prospects and accounts. It humanizes cold outreach and accelerates deal velocity. Follow the strategies above to engage prospects in a compelling way that stands out from ordinary sales emails. With smart InMail execution, you can take your sales performance to new heights.